Current title of Big Library Read campaign is The Darwin Affair

Big Library Read (BLR), facilitated by OverDrive, is a reading program through your library that connects readers around the world with the same ebook at the same time without any wait lists or holds.

London, June 1860: When an assassination attempt is made on Queen Victoria, and a petty thief is gruesomely murdered moments later—and only a block away—Chief Detective Inspector Charles Field quickly surmises that these crimes are connected to an even more sinister plot. Soon, Field’s investigation exposes a shocking conspiracy in which the publication of Charles Darwin’s controversial On the Origin of Species sets off a string of murders, arson, kidnapping, and the pursuit of a madman named the Chorister.

You can read the book from OverDrive or Libby application 3.-17.8.2020.

E-book Service OverDrive Available Again

E-book service OverDrive is available to be used again through the eLibrary of Kainuu and North Ostrobothnia with the library cards of OUTI, Kainet, Kiri, Tiekkö, Sotkamo and Reisjärvi Libraries.

Logging out and back in to the Libby app is recommended.

Log out:
Select the Libby logo from the top corner
Select ”See Library cards”
Select ”Actions” on top of your library card
Select ”Remove Card”
Select ”Yes, remove card”

Log in:
Select ”Add a Library Card”
Choose a Location
Select your library
Fill in your library card number
Select ”Next”
Fill in your PIN
Select ”Sign In”

Change in managing available holds in OverDrive

In March, a new option for available holds was introduced in OverDrive collection: Deliver later. This feature gives you more control over your holds, so you can borrow and read titles when it’s most convenient for you.

To support this feature, the automatic hold checkout setting will be removed from your library’s OverDrive collection. You’ll need to manually borrow your holds when they’re available (including any current holds).

Available holds have a three-day pickup window. When a hold becomes available for you, you’ll receive an email and a notification in your library’s OverDrive collection. You’ll be given the option to borrow the hold, have it delivered later, or cancel it.

If you choose to have it delivered later:

  • You’ll stay at the front of the wait list.
  • The current copy will go to the next person in line.
  • You’ll choose the earliest date you’d like the title to be delivered. Then, after that date, you’ll get a copy when the next person returns it.

Once per hold, if you take no action:

  • The ”deliver after seven days” option will be automatically applied at the end of the three-day pickup window.
  • You’ll stay at the front of the wait list.
  • The current copy will go to the next person in line.

If you take no action a second time, your hold will be canceled automatically.

Autumn in libraries

Autumn in libraries starts in August. Summer opening hours come to an end, and bigger and smaller events and exhibitions fill up the libraries. Book clubs and story times start. All the opening hours, information about events and services of the libraries can be found on OUTI web library or on the websites of each library.

With the OUTI library card you can borrow books, magazines, games, movies, art, musical instruments, equipment for sport and exercise and all kinds of items. Also 11 different e-services are in your use, providing ebooks, audio books, emagazines, music and movies.

Welcome to the library!

Teacup on a book, with autumn leaves

OUTI web library in English

You can now use OUTI web library also in English. The translations are not yet complete and all information will not be translated, e.g. subjects and descriptions of items. You can switch the language from top menu.

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can use the feedback form to send them.